so far away
but not bad
he said do not mind it and she just a kid
i am not care
just disappointment

all the friends would leave here in this year
she also want to leave,right? spring,w also would leave.just myself and him
i said
next year he will go to another city

i just feel sad
i will be ok soon
# by hinoto_vaz | 2006-02-03 13:46

sunny day

breakfast: a cup of coffee. i have the poor appetite in the morning these days. every night the nightmare comes to me. but the lucky thing is that i do not need the soporific brings the sleep to me.and my neurasthenia seems would be cured because i also do not need the painkiller to stop my neuralgia anymore.i have be tormented by it for 10 years...

just be myself
just honest to myself
that's what i have promised to gackt san
i do not need a shadow and also would not be anyone's shadow
# by hinoto_vaz | 2006-02-02 18:22

long calling

i have chat with gdears about 2hs
we have dated that meet each other at the last weekend this month
the tickets and the mobilephone
all the things will be ok and she will leave tokyo at the end of this year...
longly but not only

rainy day
i like it
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i think it's the new beginning
Feb. is the end of the winter and the begin of the spring.and my birthday is in this month so it's always very special for me
mum has called me today and i told her now i know how should i do.about love,friendship,family and future...
「maybe she loves you so be jealous of you and him」
two of my friends' words.but it just the joke i think.
the distance of us-not just her and me-are the 「difference」 and 「similarity」.
we wanne be different but also want to find someone to strike the responsive chord. because we feel longly.
the situation is similar between now and the beginning of 2004.she and lin,just like one person.but the difference is lin loved lowy at that moment although she never recognized.
the ways of talking,thinking,writing and living of her and lin--no! also including wei--same! when i tell 「f」 about this, he told me just be myself and do not afriad of it
still young and not strong enough

i miss avina,akina and gill now.@_@
i miss my room and the moonlight outside of my window
i miss the kiss and the hug from the first one in that winter.warmly. very strange.i have find the same feeling when i stay with him.
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歯が痛い そして 口腔潰瘍が ありました
but i think the pain hurts me hardly is he still would go with his friend to someplace on this sunday.he said that they have dated it for a long time.but...i do not like it because other two persons also would be togerther with him.
he said 「after work shall we have super togerther on friday?」
i said no.
「how about thursday?」 「i have no time」
i don't want to see him after school time.and friday i would at home to watch tv because of gackt san will appear.
just friends.
and he will leave here at spring.
stop it.

about her. i just could say that i wanne back to home at march 17th or 18th.
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2 months since i came to tokyo

i am ill today
i think it not just because of cold. i want to get more rest and more my own space.
money still on the road.i hope tomorrow i could get it. and tomorrow is gackt san's last live before x'mas.

i will be ok
i hope
# by hinoto_vaz | 2005-12-08 19:24

the new begining


the dairy book has be forget... i am back everyone o(^-^)o

i am afraid of something.i am so closer to him than what i could imagined before i came to tokyo. but,who is he? what is the true one? maybe one day all my dreaming about him would be destroyed by the truth.

i just wanne be with you and look at you quietly. gackt

when could i get the job? (∪o∪)。。。
i need job,money and i am so free. then,too boring.
please give a job before x'mas eve my god.

ok,good night
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结果 全没了




我要强调 我恨蟑螂和蚊子
# by hinoto_vaz | 2005-07-10 04:26


又开始下雨 半夜里

我喜欢下雨 半夜里


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