be tough


please be tough
please keep the love
today i find out that i am afraid of anybody leaves me alone
yes.i am afraid of lonely.i am afraid of lost any one who i love after my gradepa left me
he would never call me or send mails to me.i just live in my memory.i feel cold and the pains could not be cleared now.very very sad,miss him so much walk.walk.walk...
i lost him.forever...
i lost my heart...
tears...endless tears...i wanne hide myself...i find i am becoming very strange
maybe i will disappear from this world soon.take all the memories leave here,alone
please cry for me everyone.your tears would let me believe that i am not a ghost,i am not a shadow...
the last day
i just have 282 days

by hinoto in tokyo
by hinoto_vaz | 2006-06-22 20:04
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