the news

tehi still in shanghai
飛 will study in melburne university in spring,then she will visit me at dec.
about my new hair style all of my classmates said that i'm so boyish now and they may do not like it. but i do not care it. i wanne let my hair be cured and would not colored it just cut

today she may read my mail.he told me 「 need the talking」
yes.we need to tell each other the true feeling if we still friends. but how about her thinking? i hope when i wake up, all the things will be ok everyday. and i hope we could back to the beginning of we met each other in this city

all the things i wanne do just study and be more thinner before i back to china
the work will begin at march maybe. so i could pay attention on my study these days. that's good for me

i must finish the letter to tracy tonight...
by hinoto_vaz | 2006-02-06 13:13
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