歯が痛い そして 口腔潰瘍が ありました
but i think the pain hurts me hardly is he still would go with his friend to someplace on this sunday.he said that they have dated it for a long time.but...i do not like it because other two persons also would be togerther with him.
he said 「after work shall we have super togerther on friday?」
i said no.
「how about thursday?」 「i have no time」
i don't want to see him after school time.and friday i would at home to watch tv because of gackt san will appear.
just friends.
and he will leave here at spring.
stop it.

about her. i just could say that i wanne back to home at march 17th or 18th.
by hinoto_vaz | 2006-01-24 10:43
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